Friday, November 19, 2010

Spotlight on Project Sweet Peas

I wanted to spotlight another group that is giving back to the community, Project Sweet Peas!  

 Aiding families who have a child in the intensive
care unit by providing gift bags that offer comfort
while building cherished memories

Who we are:
We are a nationwide network of parents who strive to provide support and comfort to families who have children in the intensive care unit. We understand the stress of having child who has spent time in an intensive care unit or passed away. We are in the process of becoming an incorporated 501(c)3 non profit organization, to be registered in the state of Pennsylvania. 

 What we do:
Project Sweet Peas works with hospitals to provide their patients, and families with items to aid them throughout their stay. We offer a variety of 
gift bags which are customized to the hospitals need and availability. 

Our Mission:

To Aid families who have a child in the intensive care unit by providing gift bags that offer a touch of comfort while building cherished memories.

How we started:
Corin Nava had never imagined watching her baby fight for his life. Her son, Gabriel was diagnosed after birth with CDH. After 55 days in the NICU, Gabriel passed away from  complications due to his condition. Through Gabe's death, Corin met Kate Crawford. Kate's daughter, Shannon died from a combination of CDH and HLHS. Corin and Kate then befriended Stephanie Olivarez  who also had a child diagonsed with CDH. Stephanie's daughter Shelby, still suffers from complications due to her defect and stays in the Intensive Care Units . The three came together for comfort and support. They started filling gift bags with items that they wished they had or needed during their stay in the hospital. The three gave name to their little project, naming it Project Sweet Peas. All children are such sweet peas during the stays, and often resemble little peas in a pod in their beds. Project Sweet Peas slowly grew to a nationwide network of parents who started their own projects to honor and memoralize their own Sweet Peas.

What We Offer

We offer a variety of gift bags to families in intensive care units.
Each gift bag includes an array of items to provide a touch of comfort and build
cherished memories.


This is our most common gift bag. It includes a variety of items that can
 assist a family while their child is in the hospital.

Long Term NICU/PICU Bag

This bag includes most of the items on the basic NICU bag list and a few
extra items to help families who may spend nights in the hospital.

Angel Bag

This gift bag is for parents who have lost a child. We provide items that
 will help to collect precious memories to cherish


This gift bag is geared to bring extra comfort to parents during a holiday
such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patricks Day, ect..


These bags are item specific and given directly to the hospital to distibute.
They are based on hospitals availability and needs.

To see a list of items we currently
are in need of to fill these bags,
see our Wish List.

Project Sweet Peas can be found throughout the U.S. & Canada
Click on this link to see if there is a project in your area.  If not consider starting one!


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