Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Lord is my light

I was recently asked how I have been able to handle the loss of our daughter.  My answer is simple......

my faith.

I believe that families are eternal and I will one day hold my daughter in my arms again.

I recently took this picture in Oregon and to me it embodies faith.  

What has carried you?

If you would like a copy of the picture with your angel's name where my copyright symbol is located please email me by 6/17/12.  I will personalize a copy for you and place your angel's name on the print for free.  I will only be able to take requests until the listed date and you must have it personalized.  Print sizes may vary.  I've successfully printed a 5x7 but it may differ based on your printing lab.  Realize that coloring may vary based on your monitor or your printing lab.  Be aware, the file is large.

Much Love,

Honoring Our Angels Service Project

Honoring Our Angels Service Project
Click on the card to read more about the project.
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