I am a mom to 5 children, 4 of them by the grace of God I get to watch grow up, and one watches over us from Heaven.

Honoring Our Angels was started on behalf of my daughter Devon who passed away in 2008.  
Devon's death was tragic and unexpected.  
It was the most bitter/sweet time of my life.
There really aren't words to describe the anguish and pain you feel when you hear the words, "she's no longer with us".
I have had the privilege of holding an Angel and she will always be my daughter.

I received so much love, kindness, and service after Devon passed away.  I was brought to my knees with gratitude to God for such earthly angels that comforted and carried me during my intense grief.  After much time spent grieving and healing one day I found I was able to stand on my own two feet again and find joy once more in life.  I could smile genuinely and no longer was my smile a fa├žade.  I could laugh out loud without feeling guilty that I was laughing.  I could look at pictures and memorabilia of Devon and cry with  tears of joy for the opportunity I had to give birth to her and rejoice that she is still my daughter.  Once I was able to find peace again I made a commitment that my daughter's death would not be in vain but would change me for the better and I would give back to others as my way of honoring Devon.

I started Honoring Our Angels to serve as a resource for all those that have lost a child.  I know that after Devon passed away, I only heard about available resources through word of mouth.  I searched tirelessly through the Internet to find what I was needing only to have most of my time wasted. 
Honoring Our Angels is that resource that I always wished I had.  

I hope that you can feel connected to others that have experienced similar loss, find the resources that you are needing, and find opportunities and way of giving back and serving others that are struggling.

Love, Monica

Honoring Our Angels Service Project

Honoring Our Angels Service Project
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