Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Forum For Grieving Dads

I just wanted to post another resource for grieving fathers....Forum For Grieving Dads.  Too often dad's get overlooked when it comes to bereavement.  I know my husband received very little support after the death of our daughter, and most people would ask him, "How's your wife?"  As if he wasn't in any pain, this question bypasses his experience and feelings.

I have posted a few articles written from the male point of view as well as a blog, Ethesis, maintained by a father that lost 3 of his daughters.  Hopefully we can continue to hear from more father's so they do not feel alone and isolated in their grief.

Articles from the male point of view:

Stillborn, Still living
Vacation from Grief
A Father's Grief


Dear Bereaved Dads, We are Parents to three beautiful triplet angel girls born too soon at 20 weeks on March 6, 2009. We realized that there are not many support forums out there for men, but a ton for women.  Women and men grieve so differently, but if we can create a place for you to come and get your words out (respectfully please), then that's all we want. This forum is for all men that need an outlet to get their thoughts out and/or ask for support. For every woman grieving the loss of a child or children, there is a man standing beside her. We know you are out there, and this is your space. Please respect this site, and do not criticize the men who ask for help. Sorry ladies, nothing personal, there  a lot of sites out there for you already, and if men wanted women’s opinions, they would ask on there! Ladies, please do not subscribe or you will be deleted. Thanks & Best Wishes, Mike and Nancy


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