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I happened across this blog entitled Ethesis.  It is authored by Stephen Marsh a father of 5 daughters.  3 of his daughters have tragically passed away.  After reading his daughter's stories and reading a few of his articles and blog excerpts my heart was truly broken.  Stephen and his wife Win have lived a nightmare.  I can only imagine their magnified grief and my heart goes out to this sweet family.  I have enjoyed reading Stephen's grief articles since they are from a male perspective.  You don't often get to see grief through a man's eyes and heart.  

Recent picture of the Marsh Family 
Taken from Ethesis Stephen's Blog

I want to share Stephen & Win's story of their 3 beautiful daughters that have passed on.  
 Jessica, Courtney & Robin 

Stephen also has a website called Living Beyond Loss.  It is a great resource of articles, blog posts, journal entries, and talks that they have given about grief and loss.  

I wanted to share part one of Stephen's journal entries.  To read them all click here.

September 16, 1997
It is incredibly difficult.  I just want to fade away and die, but I can't.

Jessica's death was a matter of raw grief.  Courtney died before we had worked through the process and created a jumble of issues and responses.  We were finally starting to live again with the hope we had in Robin.  With her, our lives were reborn.  It was a terribly difficult pregnancy, with Win restricted in many things she could do (eventually she wasn't even able to take light duty at work and was pretty much homebound), the last semester of nursing school and everything else.
Robin's birth was like the light at the end of a long and difficult journey.  Then the light went out.  

Thank you Stephen for sharing your precious daughters with us.  My heart aches for you and your family.  


Holly said...

Wow, this is so heartbreaking that they have lost 3 daughters.

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