Friday, December 24, 2010

Honoring your Angel at Christmas Time

Holidays can be such a difficult time of year for those grieving the loss of a child.  I have found personally that I am able to enjoy the holiday seasons so much more when I include my daughter in our holiday celebration.  Here are a few ways that we include our angel daughter in our holiday celebration......

*We hang a stocking for Devon and fill it with notes and thoughts about her.  We will often read them together as a family and then I save them in a folder.
*We have a few ornaments on our Christmas tree to honor Devon.
*We put a wreath or poinsettia plant on her grave every year.
*We light a candle in her honor.
*We pick a few service projects or opportunities to do in honor of her life.  This year we used the service cards from the Honoring Our Angels service project here.
*We take a family picture and I photoshop a little butterfly on the picture to represent Devon.  That way she is always a part of our family pictures.

What do you do to include your child during the winter holidays?  What traditions have you enjoyed most?


Anonymous said...

Those are all nice thing to do. This is mt second Chirstmas without Shealyn. Last your a bought a 3 foot pink tree and i decorated with ornaments that friends and other BLMs sent me. This year we went to a candle lighting cereomny. I light a Christmas candle for Shealyn. Thats is pretty much it.

Monica said...

What a great idea! Thanks Betty for sharing that.

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Honoring Our Angels Service Project
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