Friday, November 5, 2010

A Good Grief

Molly the creator of A Good Grief is being spotlighted today. Not only is she a beautiful woman but I love her strength and her commitment to helping others who have lost a child. This is what Molly has to say about why she created A Good Grief......

After the loss of her two year old daughter, Lucy, in 2008, Molly maintained her family blog, chronicling her grief. Resonating with people from all walks of life, her experience unveiled varied human suffering and like stories around the globe. In order to reach out and connect people and facilitate healing, Molly has started this website for all those who have suffered loss...

Lucy's story is so tragic and touching my heart goes out to Molly and her family. I was tearful the whole way through. I am honored to spotlight A Good Grief today.

Molly has started a donation account to help other families afford the headstone that they would like for their child, that otherwise cannot afford it.

This is what Molly wrote about her cause...

Why Donate?

Going to the cemetery to "visit" our daughter is a sacred experience. Because of the generosity of so many, we were able to afford a beautiful headstone that we feel pays proper and beautiful homage to Lucy. We have encountered other families who are unable to afford the headstone they desire or even one at all. We feel this is not something that should have to be compromised. Your donation to Good Grief will go directly to help pay for headstones for other children so that their families will not be further burdened with the cost of something so difficult yet important.

Make sure to hop on over to A Good Grief, leave a comment or make a donation. Let Molly know what a wonderful thing she is doing to Honor her Lucy!


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