Monday, January 10, 2011

Molly Bears

I'm honored to spotlight today Molly Bears!  It warms my heart to find yet another group of people doing so much to offer comfort to those families that have lost infants.  I'd like to introduce you to the team of Molly Bears....

Molly Bears are "An Angel Baby's Cuddle Sent To a Mommy In Need".  I love how these bears are made with such love and they are weighted to weigh the same as your angel baby.  I just love that!

About Molly Bears......

We lost our angel, Molly Christine at 34 weeks, on May 30th 2010.   I had not felt our active girl all day on the 29th. That night I went to the hospital to check and make sure Molly was alright. We were told that our beautiful girl no longer had a heartbeat. She died from a tight true knot in her cord. Devastated would not even begin to describe how we felt.
I was given a weighted teddy bear from a dear friend from high school. This bear weighed three pounds.  In an effort to have a bear that weighed the same as Molly, I bought a shell and a package of rice. In the middle of the produce isle, I carefully weighed rice, fluff and the shell.  I am sure people thought I was crazy, but I did not care.  I went home and with my children and husband, we created the very first Molly Bear.  For the first time in weeks, I was able to sleep holding her.  It was then that I knew I had to find a way to help other angel mommies.
I started making these bears for other angel mommies that I had become close to in several support groups.  I had committed to one bear per paycheck, and soon I had requests and a desire to make more.  I went to my sister, Amanda, and I was venting about what I wanted and that I wasn’t sure how to make it happen. In a few hours she called me back with a plan, and within a week we jumped in - feet first.
It has only been four months since we started this adventure. We have been featured on the local news. We have over 1,000 people that like our Facebook page.  We have received over 550 orders, and have created more than 150 bears. We have sent bears to 7 countries and 42 states.  Often times we are in awe at the amount of people who say Molly’s name.  Words do not describe how humbled we are.  This road has been hard and continues to be long, but we travel one day at a time and we are in wonderful company.
Thank you for visiting our site.  Please fill out an order form, sign our guest book, and if you are able, please make a donation so that we can continue our mission.

There is a long waiting list for a Molly Bear, approximately 3-6 months as of today but you can sign up here to get your own bear.  There isn't any money required, but they urge you to help donate to this wonderful cause so that they can keep making these bears for other grieving families. This is what they have to say on their site....
We started Molly Bears with a pay-it-forward way of thinking.  When I first held my Molly Bear, I had an immediate need to give this to other mommies.  Our hope is that when you first hold your bear, you will immediately have that very same need.

We do not ask that you pay for your bear, rather, we hope that you fall so in love, that you will want to share this comfort with someone else.  Please remember that someone has generously donated so that you are able to hold your very own bear. 

Please donate to Molly Bears Here.
For those that are outside the U.S. there is a fee for international shipping.  Click here to read about that.
To order your Molly Bear and be put on the waiting list click here.


Jessica said...

Great spotlight, they do beautiful work!

Monica said...

I know, their bears look awesome! I want one. :)

Maggie said...

I love Molly Bears! I can't wait to get mine. :)

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