Friday, April 22, 2011

The Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood Program (SUDC)

I wanted to share another resource with you, it's The Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood Program (SUDC).  They are an international organization for those that have lost children over the age of 12 months  to unexplained causes.  This is what the SUDC website says about the history of their organization...

In 1999, a small group of parents affected by unexplained toddler death attended a presentation at the SIDS Alliance national convention in Atlanta, GA. The presentation by Dr Henry Krous was entitled "Post-Infancy SIDS- Is it on the rise?" Following the presentation, Dr Krous agreed to review the childrens' records of those families present to learn more about them. Over the following two years, more families who had experienced an unexplained childhood death were discovered and the beginning of the San Diego SUDC Research Project began
Laura Crandall, a Neurological Physical Therapist by training, and Chelsea Hilbert, an ER Social Worker by training brainstormed together to create the mission of The Sudden Unexplained Death In Childhood Program. A proposal was submitted to the CJ Foundation for SIDS to support this new program and it was granted. The CJ Foundation for SIDS is a U.S. national non-profit 501c-3 health organization meeting the needs of the SIDS community though funding SIDS research, support services and awareness programs.
In the fall of 2001, as part of the CJ Foundation, The SUDC program was created to be a centralized resource for Sudden Unexplained Death In Childhood providing information, support, advocacy and research. Each year, the SUDC Program provides more support services to more and more families. The program is entirely run by private donations to the CJ Foundation that are designated to SUDC.
Their Mission Statement......

The Sudden Unexplained Death In Childhood Program (SUDC) was created in September 2001 within the CJ Foundation for SIDS. It is tasked with providing a centralized resource for information, support and advocacy. It serves families and professionals affected by the tragedy of SUDC, and promotes awareness of SUDC in communities.

Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC) is… the sudden and unexpected death of a child over the age of twelve months, which remains unexplained after a thorough case investigation is conducted. This must include: examination of the death scene, performance of a complete autopsy, and a review of the child and family’s medical history. SUDC is a diagnosis of exclusion - given when all known and possible causes of death have been ruled out. 
If you would like more information about the SUDC Program visit their website for events, research projects and their newsletter.


Jenny said...

thank you for spreading awareness about sudc. My daughter died at 18 months from this last year, it is so incredibly frustrating to have to explain it, nobody understands/believes/has any knowledge that this can happen. Thank you for spreading a bit of awareness about it.

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