Honoring Our Angels Service Project

Card #1

My daughter Devon will have her second birthday this November and I miss her terribly. I wanted to do something to honor her, her life and offer a way for all others that have lost a child or any loved one, to honor their angel. The best way that I know to honor Devon is to serve someone else, to be the hands of God in someone else's life. I know that many people have been just that for me through the pain of loss.

I am hoping that you will want to honor your angel this holiday season by serving others.  It can be any type of service.  You can do it as a family, an individual, a congregation, or any other way that you'd like.  Hopefully this service project will touch many lives for good.  I would love to hear either your story of giving or receiving service.

Feel free to either save the picture to your computer or you can download it here as a sheet or here as a single picture.

As I get stories in I will be adding them to this link.  To have your service project highlighted please email me at remembered2008@gmail.com

Card #2

Download Card #2 Here, or for the sheet Here (as a pdf) and Here (as a jpg)
All of the sheets are 8.5x11 in size or regular paper size

Thanks everyone for all of the feedback on the cards. I've slightly altered this one as a second option. It's not as busy and a bit more to the point. Feel free to use either card. I will be making this card into a sheet as well. I might do 2 sizes in case you'd like them a bit smaller. Let me know.....

This project would make an awesome project for Thanksgiving Day or the Christmas/Hanukkah season. Keep a few cards with you and when you see an opportunity to offer service hand it out or attach to your gift.

Here are some ideas you could do with your family.......

-Make blankets/hats for NICU units with a card attached
-Make hand/foot molds for your NICU/L&D unit
-Donate money to your favorite site with a card as an attachment
-Shovel some one's driveway and leave a card on their vehicle or door
-Donate to a food shelter and hand them a card
-Put money in some one's meter that has expired, put a card on their windshield
-Give a person in need a sandwich with a card attached.
-Have a service scavenger hunt and find as many projects as possible among your neighborhood in 1 hour. Make it a competition.
-Do 12 days of Christmas for a family and on the last day give them a card attached to their gift.
-Leave some goodies on some one's doorstep with a card.
-Give your waiter or waitress an extra big tip and leave them a card.

Have any extra ideas? Leave a comment and I'll add them!!!

Honoring Our Angels Service Project

Honoring Our Angels Service Project
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